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Our AV studios

Our Music Tech / AV Studios

We have two music studios, a desktop one by the canal and a more traditional one about a mile away.

Studio One

Desktop studio:

---iMac Core i5 1TB 8GB
-- Logic 9 software (used since CLab Notator on Ataris)
-- Sibelius software
-- Roland E-09 keboard
-- Focusrite Mic Pre (for Macs)
-- AKG C3000 on anglepoise
-- Zoom R24 location recorder and desktop mixer/controller
-- JBL monitors
-- Samsung CD writer
-- Brother QL500 CD labeller

Studio two:

Windows 7 desktop

-- Roland M16DX 24 bit 16 channel digital mixer
-- Studiospares SB200 broadcaster's anglepoise mic
-- KRK Rokit 5 studio monitors
-- Lexicon MPX200 reverb unit
-- Samson SCOM compressor
-- Samplitude Studio 10 software
-- Cool Edit 2000 + Studio plug in sottware
--TDK CD labeller

Mic collection

-- 1 x AKG C3000
-- 2 X AKG C3000B
-- 2 X Rode NT-2A
-- 4 X Rode M3
-- 1 X Studiospares SB200
-- 1 X Audio Technica At804 omni news gathering mic
-- 1 X CAD C195 vocal condenser mic (touring)

-- 1 X CAB USB condenser mic
-- 2 X Beyer M58 pencil condensers (sound like M201s)

Ian likes coincident pairs and near-coincident (e.g. ORTF) and can spot a Decca Tree in any monitoring sweet spot!

Location recording

-- MacBook Air running Logic and Audacity
-- Zoom Q2-HD (1080p 24 bit 96kHz concert video/audio capture)
-- Fostex FR-2LE (24 bit 96 kHz 2 XLR phantom power Broadcast WAVE format solid state recorder)
-- Roland R-09 (24 bit WAV handheld field recorder, with Sony ECM mic)
-- Numark FH126 impedance matched cans (ear muffs!)