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Ian has extensive paid and unpaid work histories including the NHS and broadcasters and third Sector.

Ian is medically reitred after two dccades of off-screen and radio features and documentaries and reading the news.  He's still OFCOM and contact for the RCPsych and CQC. 

Ian's partner and friends all live on the same close in East Lancashire   Both of us have PGDip (Liverpool) Professional Boundaries.  Other friends and family -- next close.  

Ian has an 11 year old gorgeous CKC spaniel and 6 year old child prodigy niece.

Brief qualificaitions:

(1) Ian

PhD (hon) Social Sciences (Hull) (clinical psycholohogy)
MSc (hon) Computer Sciences (Hull)
MMus (hon) Tonmeister (Surrey)
IBacc Inernational Diplomacy/Relations (UN/Laura Travelleyan)
BA (Hons) first -- Journalism (Broadcast) (NCTBJ) (Life member NUJ and BECTU)
BMus (Hull) first

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